The European Union has simplified approval procedures for disinfectants

In a report on its website, the ECHA said it would simplify the process of checking disinfectants

On March 24, 2020, ECHA published a report on its website, announcing that it would simplify the inspection procedures for disinfectants, so as to quickly produce various types of disinfectants and meet the huge market demand for disinfectants.According to ECHA, access to more disinfectants is crucial for health care professionals and European citizens as covid-19 becomes a pandemic in Europe, and the need to streamline the screening process for such products is needed to rapidly increase the supply of such products.


Companies wishing to get disinfectants to market quickly can apply to national authorities for permission to sell them under section 55 (1) of Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).This provision allows national authorities to reduce product licensing requirements for a limited time in cases where there is a threat to public health.Several eu countries have already granted such licences to companies capable of producing disinfectants, and applications from multiple countries can be submitted centrally to the ECHA. More information on this issue will be released in the coming days.

In addition, in order to simplify the work of competent authorities and manufacturers, ECHA also provides the following information on its website:

1. Bactericidal active substances approved or under review for use in disinfection products;

2. Disinfection Products authorized under Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR);and

3. Disinfection products approved by national agencies in Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


The following is the content of section 55 (1) of BPR regulations for reference only:


Article 55

The demand reductions

1. The competent authority by the article 17 and article 19, reductions in no more than 180 days within the time allowed to sell in the market or use not in accordance with the provisions of this authorization conditions of sterilization products, the premise is to be under the supervision of the competent authorities for use limited and controlled, and the measures to solve the public health, animal health or environmental hazards is required.

The competent authorities referred to in paragraph 1 shall immediately inform other competent authorities and the commission of their actions and reasons.The competent authority shall immediately notify other competent authorities and the commission of such revocation.

Upon receipt of a reasonable request from the competent authority, the commission shall, without delay and by taking action, decide whether the action taken by the competent authority can be extended and on what conditions it may be extended for not more than 550 days.Enforcement measures shall be taken in accordance with the review procedure provided for in article 82 (3).


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Note: the above translation is for reference only.




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