The European Union's rapid warning system for non-food consumer products in October


Since October 2019, the European Rapid alertsystem for dangerous non-food products has continuously notifiedunsafe products, including environmental hazard violation notifications, physical hazard violation notifications, andchemical hazard violation notifications, paying attention to the violation of REACH regulation and RoHS directive.Representative cases are organized as follows:



GST is a third-party testing institution with complete qualification, perfect experimental capacity and rich practical experience. We have a professional technical team and sophisticated test instruments, which can develop the most comprehensive and economical test plan for you to assist you to verify product safety and optimize product design to meet the requirements of regulations and standards.You are welcome to contact us for testing and other compliance issues related to children's products, textiles and fashion products as well as electrical and electronic products.  


EU RAPEX system link:

Link to the rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products:
Safety Gate: the rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products




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