Eu Food exposure product safety Alert in August

The content of lead and aluminum in metal kitchen utensils and appliances and the primary aromatic amine migration in nylon kitchen utensils and appliances exceed the standard.

Since August 2020, the EU's Rasff-Food and Feed Safety Alerts have been consistently reporting offending products, focusing on excessive levels of lead and aluminium in metal cooking utensils and the migration of primary aromatic amines in nylon cooking utensils.GST reminds relevant enterprises to do a good job in product quality control to avoid becoming the next reported case.


Representative cases are summarized as follows:


Case 1


Products: Plastic ice - cooled drinks


Notification country: Germany


Place of Origin: China


Cause of notification: Choking hazard


Action: Recall from consumers


Case 2


Products: Oven grills and drawers


Notification country: Italy


Origin: Turkey


Reason for notification: Nickel migration exceeds standard


Action: Return to shipper


Case 3


Product: Water cup


Notification country: Finland


Place of Origin: China


Reason for notification: melamine migration exceeds standard


Action: Refuse import


Cases 4


Product: Metal cover


Notifying country: Greece


Place of Origin: China


Reason for notification: Not suitable for contact with acidic food


Action: Re-label


Case 5


Product: Nylon kitchen utensils and appliances


Notification country: United Kingdom


Place of Origin: China


Notification reason: primary aromatic amine migration exceeded the standard


Action: Destroy the product


Case 6


Product: Metal pan


Notification country: Belgium


Country of origin: Senegal


Cause of notification: excessive migration of lead and aluminum


Action: Public news alert


Case 7


Product: Silicone cake baking mat


Notification country: Slovenia


Place of Origin: China


Reason for notification: High volatile organic matter content


Action: Notify the recipient


GST is a third party testing institution with complete qualification, perfect experimental ability and rich practical experience. We have a professional technical team and sophisticated testing instruments, which can develop the most comprehensive and economical test scheme for you, assist you to verify product safety and optimize product design, in order to meet the requirements of regulations and standards.You are welcome to contact us about testing of food contact materials, children's products, textiles, electrical and electronic products, and other compliance issues.




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