The EU launched nine RoHS exemptions for public comment

The EU has launched a public review to update the nine RoHS exemptions, with interested parties to submit comments by March 3, 2021.

On 23 December 2020, the EU launched a public comment on the renewal of nine RoHS exemptions, with interested parties to submit comments by 3 March 2021.The nine RoHS exemptions will expire as early as July 2021, and companies will no longer be able to use them if the public review fails.This shows the importance of the public comment.



The nine RoHS exemptions in this review are as follows:

6 (a) Lead, as an alloying element, contains no more than 0.35% lead (Wt) in mechanically processed steel and galvanized steel.

6 (a) -i lead, as an alloying element, contains not more than 0.35% lead in steel used for machining purposes;In batch hot-dipped galvanized steel parts, the lead content does not exceed 0.2%

6 (b) Lead content in aluminium alloys shall not exceed 0.4 % by mass.

6 (b) -i is derived from recycled lead-bearing aluminium scrap, the lead content in aluminium alloy shall not exceed 0.4 per cent by mass

6 (b) -II aluminum alloys used in machining shall contain not more than 0.4 per cent lead by mass

6 (c) The lead content in copper alloys shall not exceed 4% by mass;

7 (a) Lead in high-melting point solders (e.g., lead in lead-based alloys ≥ 85%);

7 (c) -I lead in glass or ceramic (other than capacitor-mediated electrical ceramics) in electronic or electrical devices, or lead in glass or ceramic composites (e.g., piezoelectric ceramic devices);

7 (c) -II lead in electrical ceramics with rated AC voltage of 125V or DC voltage of 250V or above;


GST reminds companies that use the nine exemptions to pay close attention to the review and prepare accordingly to comply with the latest legal requirements to avoid legal disputes.We have a professional team, can provide you with the interpretation of regulations and standards, and provide the most comprehensive, the most economical test solutions.If you have any questions about the RoHS directive and other compliance issues, please feel free to contact us.




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