Eu Toy Safety Directive adds restriction on sensitizing fragrances

The EU has issued new regulations (EU) 202088 and (EU) 202089 to further regulate the use of sensitized fragrances in toys.

On 15 December 2020, the EU issued new regulations (EU) 202088 and (EU) 202089 to further control the use of sensitized flavorings in toys.Among them, regulation (EU) 2020/2088 adds 61 new requirements for labeling sensitizing flavors, and regulation (EU) 2020/2089 adds 3 new requirements for prohibiting the use of sensitizing flavors.The three new banned substances for sensitizing fragrances are as follows:


According to the European Union's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS), exposure to fragrances is a common and important problem in Europe, and the use of certain consumer goods (such as toys) can lead to exposure to fragrances.SCCS also notes that in recent years there has been a trend to add flavoring chemicals to many types of consumer goods, such as children's toys, which could significantly increase consumer exposure to flavoring chemicals.In addition, an investigation by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency into allergenic substances in children's products revealed the presence of allergenic fragrances in toys, such as modeling clay, mucus, dolls, teddy bears and rubber bands.


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